Taking the Time

Wow! My first blog post, how exciting! I have always wanted to run a blog, a place where I can publish all my wanted opinions out into the void that is the internet. The truth is however, I have just never had the time to write and maintain a blog. I have had the ideas, the drive and at one point having a small following of people willing to view my work. Committing time to the blog has always been the issue.

So you may be thinking why I decided to add it to my list of daily activities and obligations and to that I have one simple reason.

I want to.

Wow. Crazy, I know. Doing something for myself? Doing something that I want to do that has no impact on literally anything around me? The anarchy! While my main purpose behind running a blog is rooted in the  “I’m doing this for me and no one else.” Mentality, it is also the accountability I currently need. After a few months of feeling out of control and like I am just floating in a giant pool in space, I sat myself down (with a therapist) and decided to find things that made me happy. While it was not a demand, I continued to think and research (I love a good research sesh) and wrote out a list. I typically write out a list whenever I get in these “I am spinning,” sensations, and I found that there are things that I love and want to do – for me.

My whole life I had always felt like I needed to work for, act a certain way and be a certain person for other people. Which is a terrible way to live your life. I have never gotten to feel in control of my life due to this mentality, and by figuring out what I wanted to do I have already begun to feel more in control.

My “Get It Together” (named and ordered randomly) list goes as followed:

  • Create a blog (Check)
  • Maintain a blog (Going to have to work on that)
  • Read more books (My current stack is four books high)
  • Move more (I live next to so many hiking trails, and I crave to explore them)
  • Get out more (Spending most of your days and nights with your dragon won’t help make too many friends)
  • Journal more (I am literally always writing)

My intent is for this blog to help me document these goals, and to keep myself on track. I also have so many opinions that I cannot keep bothering my friends with all of my rants.

If you enjoy my content, I encourage you to come back to it. If you dislike what I have to say then that’s okay, you are still probably super cool and smart.

Thank you for taking the time to read my small first post, and I hope that you come back to my page.

Have a good day!

Gracie Ella


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